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We are a group of Muslim volunteers that provide support for New Muslims and their families / friends whilst also providing information about Islam for people interested in finding out more about the religion. We offer unbiased support and guidance, in both religious and personal matters to all that request it, free of charge.

We offer one to one and group support and opportunities to meet other Muslims in the community. We can help to:

• Develop a basic understanding of Islam
• Learn Basic Arabic
• Events and activities which welcome your non-Muslim Family

There are a wide range of opportunities that we can tailor to suit the need of the individual as some of our volunteers are converts themselves and are aware of the need to have someone that empathises with the needs and concerns of someone embarking on this wonderful journey. Our dedicated volunteer team are here to serve you. We aim to provide an informal yet confidential environment that God willing will enable you to express yourself, ask big questions or simply just chill out with other like minded people.

We intend to make your new found journey both a comfortable and enriching
experience; we are not scholars and do not claim to know it all, we just simply want to help. Many of our volunteers are also converts, ready and able to assist you in any way they can, sharing their experiences and unique perspective. If you or someone you know is in need of help, advice, a sympathetic ear, or you just need someone to talk to (regardless of where you live) please feel free to contact us at: