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Building Bridges and Seeking the Truth in a Spirit of Friendship and Mutual Respect

’’Call unto the way of thy Lord with wisdom and fair exhortation, and reason with them in the better way.’’

Qur’an – Verse (16:125)

A meaningful Interfaith dialogue is only possible when people have a deep and sincere conviction that their faith has something to offer to the wider society in which they live. Our understanding of Interfaith is not based on a model of ’We are the Same’ between parties who have a clear difference in their claims. Rather, we see Interfaith as a process of mutual empowerment for all faiths involved.

Interfaith for the Light Foundation is about the pursuit of knowledge, engagement in public concerns and the joint concern for social justice, human dignity and constructive action on behalf of the common good of all people.

Our relaxed, comfortable and friendly meetings encourage participants to draw upon their spiritual resources in the spirit of ’’Seeking the Truth in a Spirit of Friendship and Mutual Respect’’

We also believe that ‘talking with’, and not simply ‘talking about’, people of other faiths, beliefs and persuasions is the only way of removing misconceptions and working towards a peaceful and healthy community.

The differences of religions are the plan of God, and it is going to remain so forever. The human burden is to connect with the others in dignity and with respect.

Throughout the history of mankind, religion has played a huge and important part in politics and international relations, and in doing so, we pray that our gatherings help to protect people and communities from misconceptions and violence.

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