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Light Foundation is a non profit organisation based in Preston, Lancashire, providing advice, in a non judgemental approach giving support and education to both Muslims and Non Muslims. We feel that we provide the ideal experience, and more importantly we create an open and relaxed setting for those curious and wanting to know and learn more about Islam. We do not discriminate or judge anyone and believe whole heartedly that fellowship with everyone is vastly important for establishing a peaceful, cohesive and friendly community.

We are committed to offering support and companionship to Preston’s growing New Muslim community, as well as offering a safe space to those living in Preston and the surrounding areas. Our services are a response to concerns and needs to those individuals who are interested in or have converted to Islam.
At the same time, much work remains to be done to counteract prejudice, misconception and suspicion in all communities, and to encourage understanding and to foster practical solutions.

Light Foundation actively encourages a greater awareness of traditional Islam by promoting teachings firmly rooted in reliable Sunni scholarship, communicated with a relevance that is applicable to real lives in the ever changing modern world; thus supporting adherents in their quest to hold firm to the steadfast principles of pure monotheism.

To date, this has materialised in the form of various programmes that have attracted diverse Muslims from Preston and beyond; programmes for both men and women of all ages that facilitate their submission to the Creator via guidance from highly qualified scholars. Our teachers are widely recognised to have learnt at the feet of men and women of great understanding who have themselves have acquired their knowledge via unbroken chains of transmission (meticulous learning / accurate conveyance) going all the way back to God’s beloved, Muhammad (peace be upon him).
We continue to work with all communities regardless of race, gender, age, ethnic origin or religion, sharing Islamic perspectives on faith and worship, whilst also promoting an accurate representation of Islam.

These include:

Interfaith Dialogues
Exploring Islam
New Muslim Classes
Essential Muslim Classes
Social gatherings